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Aparna Ganesh

Aparna Ganesh's journey as an artist started in 2008. Making her canvas her instrument of expression Ganesh's uninhibited and spontaneous works has caught the eye of many art connoisseurs. Her inspirations are varied as her paintings ranging from a spot of sunshine to a mundane Zebra crossing. Being a self taught artist, she has picked up many nuances of painting on acrylic through the course of her adventures on the canvas.

Ganesh believes that the virtue of patience she learnt as a mother of two young daughters helped her develop as an artist. Before turning to colours full time, Ganesh has worked in television and as film maker.

On display at Kaleidoscope at the Sublime Galleria, art lovers in the city will be treated to 4 'acrylic on canvas' pieces by Aparna Ganesh. Each piece displays a varied mood and skill of the upcoming artist.

DownloadDownload: Catalogue of entire Kaleidoscope Collection