Infinite Divinity A collection by Anu Vittal & Vishal Misra is a series of artworks that explores the recognition of Infinity divinity or "it" being omnipresent in all things around us. This series of artworks representing Mother Nature as Fire, Water, Air, Earth makes the Universe tangible in nature and it's purpose is to support the humanity at large, in divine spirit. The boldness of colours contrasting with the abstract figures are meant to invoke a natural curiosity of the human mind to consciously connect the outer world with the inner world and create a sense of magical harmony.

The artworks feature a mash-up of colourful interpretations which are held together through the ideologies and adventures of the artists Anu Vittal & Vishal Misra.

Anu Vittal is a prolific painter and poet of South Asian origin. Her vivid imagination combined with her passion for colors bring to life artworks that aim to inspire creativity in all who view them. She likes working with mixed media and uses varied materials from sarees, wood chips, glass, dried foliage and jewelry to add textures to her works.

While, Vishal Misra's abstraction of human figures is not necessarily a visual statement. Alterations and creative representations of the subjects are purely conceptual; the relationship between the image and the idea is strictly incidental.